Basic rate of health insurance

reveals exactly how the base rate of private health insurance is – the financial test tips.

Currently uninsured
You can not get rid of. Each private insurer, you must include in the base fare. The only exception: they were insured with the company before, and have lost the contract because you have violated pre-notification requirements. If you are healthy and not too old, you should consider whether a full-insurance rate is suitable for you. This can be cheaper than the base rate.

Voluntarily insured by law
Change as voluntary insurance customers not in the basic rate of private health insurers. First, it is not cheaper and the benefits are not comprehensive. Second, in the statutory health insurance spouse and children without their own income insured free of charge.

Standard fare for pensioners
Switch from the standard fare for pensioners in the base fare. It is comparable expensive and offers less. Couples have to pay the base fare per person fully. In the standard fare for a couple of review is limited to 150 percent of the maximum contribution in public health insurance.

Save review
Do you want to switch to private insured in a better deal because you grow the contributions over the head, you should consider not only the change in the basic rate into account. Check the alternatives. So insured, the contract up to 31 December, closed in 2008, will continue in the standard tariff change for retirees, if they satisfy the other conditions: they must privately insured for ten years and at least 65 years old. In exceptional cases, even 55 years.

Change of the private insurer
As a privately insured person may change in the basic rate of any other insurer in order after 18 months of entering a higher-quality fare. Remember that the insurer does not grant you the better performance is required if you are already ill or become ill during the waiting period. You may also pay high risk premiums. Arrange in any case the results of health testing, you are undergoing now, to apply after the waiting period of 18 months and no new test will be set up if you want to switch back to full price.

Modified standard rate
Were assured in the modified standard rate, your contract on 1 January 2009 converted to the base fare. Note that the difference between the services in the basic rate from your previous tariff.

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