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Who has signed an insurance contract can breathe a sigh of prematurely: In the first 14 days after the conclusion of each contract, customers are almost rid of. But even after years of the contract can be terminated. e says that customers must comply with deadlines and the consequences of terminating the contract. The specific dates of the individual types of insurance can be found in a summary table.

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Revocation and resignation
Within 14 days of signing the insurance application, customers can withdraw their application – without justification. Important: The insurance companies have this right to point explicitly. The customer you must confirm this with his signature even. Failure by the insurer has the instruction to terminate the insurance contract had time over the four weeks after the first premium payment.

A revocation is excluded, but instead is a withdrawal right. Customers can in life insurance within 14 days of receipt of the insurance policy to withdraw from the contract. Insurers must also point out that right. If they do not, then extended the period for withdrawal. Customers can then up to four weeks after the first premium payment to cancel the contract.

This right applies to all insurance contracts – even if they were completed only for one year. Exception: the customer has already received his signature the policy conditions and all other important consumer information. But this is very rare. In the other case may, without notice insured for up to 14 days after receipt of the policy conflict with the contract.

The company has not informed the customer in writing of that right or not all consumers given information to, the time limit. The customer is then up to one year after the first premium payment out by opposition from the contract. Under the policy other than in the request, the insured may object to up to four weeks after receipt of the contract.

Ordinary Termination
All insurance contracts, which run at least one year may be terminated at the end of the contract with a period of three months. Otherwise, the contracts automatically renew for one year.

Hint: it’s best to cancel at the end of the insurance year. Otherwise, they can forfeit your premiums paid up to cancellation. For the case of early termination, the insurer is entitled to the full premium of the current policy year.

Extraordinary termination
A customer can terminate his contract of insurance even if increasing the contributions, the insured risk is eliminated or the damage was regulated. In the latter case, the insurer may also separate from the customer. Increases the insurer’s contribution, the customer can terminate only if not improved at the same time the insurance cover. For contracts concluded before 1994, contributions must increase by at least 5 percent, so customers can terminate.

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