Tips for the Holidays: insurances

Scrap instead of protection
Most insurance polices for the journey are unnecessary. What you can save yourself and what really important.

The sellers try it again and again: Whether the travel agent or booking online, the Internet – always try the company, in addition to their guests travel also to turn one or more insurance companies.

“Most of combination packages are available that contain multiple insurance companies,” says Michael Mountain of the word Consumer Rheinland-Pfalz. “As a general rule such a policy not tourists.” For the protection of many insurance companies that have been anyway, covers most on the vacation.

“Only one insurance should really everyone,” says Berg word: “The travel health insurance.” Because the statutory health insurance companies in other European countries, only the costs they would pay in Germany. But as demand doctors and hospitals abroad usually higher rates, the patient remains seated on the difference.

Outside Europe, the health insurance companies often do not. A travel health insurance will jump in here and pay for doctor and hospital costs. It also gives coverage to costs if the patient must be transported back to Germany.

Complete protection for your car

Even more important is protection for your car, if it goes by car on vacation. Thus helping to foreign policy damage protection, if the tourists from abroad without any fault of their own is involved in an accident. Although in principle is the opposing insurer for the damage. “But often pay less than the German foreign insurers,” the Stiftung Warentest.

With the additional policy of tourists is treated as if the party liable for a German insurance provider. It is important, however, looking into the policy conditions, the Foundation advises: “Often, the protection does not apply to all European countries.”

Special insurance can save you

Could save holidaymakers to think word’s special Holiday Insurance – Travel that is legal protection, baggage insurance and travel insurance. If, for example after an accident abroad to battle, then jump a normal traffic insurance.

A liability damage would be covered by normal insurance, and a baggage insurance is unnecessary for People with household insurance, “says word mountain. But also for all others it will be worth little, since companies usually only pay if the leave his luggage has constantly kept in mind.

“Mallorca Police” for rental cars

Anyone with a car on the road, should be checked before departure if its normal motor liability a “Mallorca-Police” contains. Because in countries such as Spain and Greece, the insurance benefits are so low that, in case of damage is often not sufficient to cover. The tourists would have to pay the damages out of pocket.

The Mallorca-German Police coverage levels also apply to foreign leased cars. In very low rates of liability protection can be missing, warns the Stiftung Warentest. Then it is worthwhile to complete it before the trip extra.

If the doctor has to help

In recent years, consumer advocat

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