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The new type of class levels for the calculation of premiums in force since October. Current contracts, but they are usually effective only from January 2011. The gallery shows a selection of models that have been reclassified to one or more classes just around – with consequences for the prices of partial or full comprehensive insurance. 20,000 vehicles re-evaluated: the new type classes are there. shows which vehicles have changed in the same classification for several classes, which in the worst case with full or partial coverage can be really expensive! ANZEIGEWer paid on it in 2011 liability, full and partial coverage? Who can expect a lower premium? The General Association of German Insurers (GDV) has released the updated type class levels. They are the insurance companies as an index for the risk of damage of a vehicle and are adjusted each year based on the damage caused. The higher the damage from a model, the higher the class type and therefore the insurance premiums. Conversely, the less the damage, the cheaper the type class. Car insurance comparison
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Main news: for most of the drivers will change little. The type classes for the motor vehicle liability insurance rates for about 65 percent of all drivers remain constant. The situation is similar in type classes for the fully comprehensive and third party insurance. Of all the vehicles that have been reclassified to the classification changed for the most part only to a class – which means the insurance only small changes. However, there is also a small proportion of outliers. Vehicle types that have been reclassified to the same number of classes.
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One of the big losers in the category of liability is about the Suzuki Wagon R with 1.3 94 hp, the four classes was rated higher. Toyota iQ 1.0 with 68 HP deteriorated in the comprehensive insurance to four classes, the VW Multivan T5 California 2.5 TDI with 131 hp was rated higher in the partial coverage even five classes. Among the winners on the other hand is one of the Honda Accord 2.0 GH with 156 hp, which has improved in liability to four classes. In the full insurance of the Renault Megane Scenic was ranked lower with a 90 hp three classes. Our photo gallery shows a selection of other types of vehicles, which this year were reclassified. On the website of the GDV can also query the type of each vehicle class.

In the motor vehicle liability insurance, there are a total of 16 type classes (10 to 25), (34 to 10) in the comprehensive insurance 25 and the partial cover 24 (10 to 33). In the liability insurance the cheapest type of Class 10 is almost exclusively for classic cars – they are only down slightly and still guard their treasures by the holders especially careful driving. By contrast, popular entry-level models are often distinguished by high type classes, as beginners often cause body damage. Our table gives an overview of the type classes of some vehicles from the current hit list of new applications.
A comparison is always worth
The type class classifications are binding as the basis for all insurance providers. What is a liability, comprehensive or partial coverage for a particular car model is ultimately costs, from insurance to insurance differently anyway. As well as the type of classes each company calculates its contributions differently. For each vehicle owner may be worthwhile, therefore, regularly compare the contributions of different providers with each other – especially when the host vehicle is just slipped in a less favorable type class. The time for forced, however – if you want to change providers by next year, the existing car insurance by 30 November terminate!

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