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Love Parade: Emergency relief funds of insurance and tour operators want to support victims
Until the question of guilt for the disaster at the Love Parade, and thus the question of the liability are finally resolved, will still take weeks. The families of the victims and the injured have for now so no definite contact when it comes to financial claims, whether for a possible loss of wages or the funeral costs. Concerned should join forces, the former Interior Minister Gerhard Baum, but as soon as possible because we collectively reach more. It was important above all to demand clear commitments, particularly on the damages.

Regardless of who is responsible for the deaths of 21 young people who taught one of the organizers of the Love Parade, the Lopavent GmbH, and Axa Insurance an emergency fund of one million euros for the victims. Katrina Rueter, spokeswoman for the General Association of German Insurers (GDV), is the Fund as a “noble gesture” while making clear that the emergency fund does not constitute an acknowledgment of guilt or liability. “Whoever continue to take on after the damage has to Axa and the organizers let the victims so far not stand there naked,” said Rueter.

The objective of the Fund is to pay the bereaved and injured preliminary achievements. According to GDV also has quite the “practical consequences”. It has a positive effect on the recovery, if the financial pressure was no longer so great. Incidentally, the city of Duisburg and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia were asked whether they want to participate in emergency relief funds. The speaker of the Axa insurance, Ingo Koch, explained that there had been discussions, but they were left with no result. provide that the insurance industry and Rainer Schaller, the organizer, the money available in wonder, however little. They are due to the low sum insured for 7.5 million € in the criticism.

Free of possible ulterior motives and without adulation from “above” is the help that is organized by the DRC Duisburg. The local branch of the German Red Cross has set up a donation account to fund the mental health care and trauma treatment for those affected. Similar plans and the Civic Association in Duisburg Neudorf, who wants to join the generosity and involvement of citizens and wishes for the patronage of Federal President Christian Wulff.

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