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New personal liability of the occupational professional
Personal liability insurance is for years the unchallenged leader of the insurance policies that you should have anyway. It offers plenty of power for “small money”, should others by ineptitude or inattention cause damage. Aware of this fact is by no means all. Ergo, according to insurance such as one in three Germans renounced this protection. The more important it is from the perspective of the enterprise to look for in their own personal liability for a bad debt recovery.

In the new contracts, the Ergo is this feature mentioned, extended by a so-called violence victims. But what does the bad debt recovery in the private insurance? It comes into play when the person who inflicts an injury itself is not insured and is not financially able to bear the consequences. The victim remained in the case sit on the costs. the bad debt was insured, however, jumps in his own insurance and pay for the damage.
As a useful addition to the Ergo offers insurance protection for victims of violence. Who will brutally beaten, for example, has very little chance that the offender or his personal liability to pay for the consequences. For deeds of intent remains the insurance on the sidelines and does not accept any transaction. This is still not as victims receive no, this kind assaults in the new policies as part of the bad debt recovery are also covered.

In addition, a number of other options. Can arrange an additional protection for complacency actions, key loss, damage to borrowed items, rental equipment or diagnostic tools from the doctor. This includes damage caused by your own computer – for example by viruses – or resulting from the operation of a photovoltaic system, can insure. Also interesting are the extended protection grandchildren if the grandparents harm her grandson, and dementia clause. This explains the group: “If a policyholder is not because of his mental state may be held liable for any loss, takes over the Ergo the expenses up to 10,000 euro.”

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