Car insurance: New Tariffs

By the end of the month, drivers can cancel their regular insurance. Reason for this may be the re-classification of regional risk classes. In the region there will be more expensive in Duisburg, Krefeld, Leverkusen.

Happy Münster, Krefeld poor. While the future Westphalia pay significantly less in car insurance premiums, must Ruhrpöttler dig deeper into their pocket. It does not matter in which of the 120 car insurance company they hold an insurance policy. The reason: Nationally, drivers are classified by place of residence in risk classes. The accident rate in the region is reviewed every year: What has been done better, there is a better classification – and vice versa. Effect the new classification is as of 1 January next year, the end of this month is again closing date for redundancies in the regular car insurance.

In the auto liability means a risk class up or down a price change of up to five percent. In the CDW is as high as six and in the partial cover even 10 percent, estimates the HUK-Coburg, who is now in private business’s largest provider. Depending on the insurer and class are deviations from these values. In the partial cover only the registration district Höxter is cheaper, food, Solingen, Dusseldorf, Leverkusen, Unna and Erftkreis decrease by one level.

The revised regional risk classes follows a statistics of the General Association of German Insurers (GDV). You tend to follow all the insurance industry. While all of NRW in the ups and downs in the regions this year, with almost always comes with a class up or down, improve the Munster fail in the auto liability insurance equal to two classes down. Sharp tongues justify those statistics so that nothing is going on in the Münsterland. Others praise the good driving skills of drivers that are checked daily by thousands of hard pedaling students.

are crucial for the accidents, especially road infrastructure and traffic density. “In the countryside everything is clear, and there is rarely met by a car driver,” Karin brings Rueter de Escobar by the General Association of German Insurers (GDV) of these facts to the point. Nevertheless, of course, the use of the automobile has something to do with the accident: How many regions in Bavaria on the GDV-region map pink, red, or even how Kaufbeuren, black. The city is in the auto liability insurance in the highest rated class 12, while Munster are in future only to class two. Unlucky this year, the Krefeld. You get in the car liability in class eight and in the comprehensive insurance to one count of class six.

Relevant for the regional classification is in many car insurance companies but not the identity, but the zip code of residence. “With more than 8000 zip codes, we achieve a very fair division of the regions according to the actual risk of harm,” says the measure DA Direct Executive Norbert Wulff.

Effective the new regions are generally of the year. Here, the principal residence is considered crucial. “The car has to be admitted to the main residence,” said Peter Keulertz, head of the Road Traffic Office in Dusseldorf.

Who can change his center of life, because he might be a pensioner now living more in the holiday than in the city apartment, must re-register as “tricks” and his car. “There just between town and country is mostly large premium differences,” says Wolfgang Leix of the Generali insurance. But the decisive factor was the food Punk. “This is about where you go to work or the family lives.”

Price increases through higher risk classes can absorb many drivers much better through an insurance exchange, or at least mitigated. While there are this year probably no big price war, the differences in the market but still powerful. After computing the consultancy Nafi from Höxter are still observed price ranges of over 150 percent. Motorists can cancel their regular provider to 30 November. “We send our bills early to mid-November,” it says at the provincial Rhineland. Who gets his bill later, has, for example, if the premium higher because of an increased regional class fails, a special termination. This is within four weeks of receipt of the invoice.

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