Insurance tips for young professionals

With the start of training, the question will be what insurance is needed, both for retirement savings and the risk protection. For the industry this is the ideal time to draw attention to their offers. “In the coming weeks, young people from the insurance company offers little more can save,” says Lilo Blunck, chief executive of the Federation of insured (BDV). Thus, trainees and students do not get bogged down at the outset or to persuade by contract, they did not need the BdV the brochure “Well insured in your studies” has re-issued. The 39-page booklet is free to the Federation of the insured ( available.

In view of the rather narrow purse professionals should inform very clearly the policies they write. Only way to ensure that the first specific wage contracts on it is not expensive and important policies such as disability insurance stay on track. The perfect all-inclusive package that many insurance companies promise the young clientele, makes no sense and is frequently more expensive than some good individual contracts. Then point out the consumer centers. Please advise how the BdV to ask for cheap single fares and excess contracts not to be forced into first place. This is from the perspective of consumer advocates, among other things, the endowment policy.

It is recommended, however, a personal liability insurance. It is considered essential. The same applies to disability insurance, even if such protection – always dependent on work and health problems – have not necessarily favorable. However: The more a BU-Police is completed, the lower the premium. Can complete the occupational disability through an accident insurance. To her it is recommended that the financial margin gives enough air. In terms of private pensions is the Riester pension among the absolute favorites because it is supported by the state with bonuses. Professionals also benefit from a one-time bonus that saving for retirement is to be made palatable.

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