How insurance brokers add value

Insurance brokers mediate between their clients and various insurance companies. Since they are not bound by contract to a company of many German prefer a free and independent broker who directs their requests for protection not only by the will of an insurance company. If a broker are the customer and his concerns to the fore! This is not just about current consultation events, but rather a long-term and future care. Despite the growing popularity of free agents that are subject to an ongoing battle for new customers. The key to success here is often in the recommendation.

But when customers recommend “further their” insurance?
Of course only if they are happy and can rely on its good performance. A research revealed the following ranking in terms of customer satisfaction. Customers is particularly important that an insurance broker has the following features with them:
1st Accessibility.
2nd Reliability.
3rd Good preparation of the agent on the conversation.
4th The broker recognizes personal needs and the needs of the customer.
5th In addition, he is committed and trustworthy.
6th The broker found to be technically competent.

Looking at each of the criteria it is an easy to please as a broker of his customers. A telephone line, a quick call-back and a fixed processing of the concerns, an interview preparation and good documentation and recording the customer wishes. Technical expertise is already proving during the counseling session and in the product selection. But that’s enough really to Tell?
A good broker then awakens need for advice to his clients. These often do not know at what point they should protect themselves. Many are aware that one of the things you can hold in your hand should cover – whether household, full or partial coverage, customers are willing to insure their property. But when it comes to things such as health, disability or retirement, are not obvious things. Who would imagine, at some point to work for health reasons can not? Many customers recognize it is only out of an emergency situation, what needs they have. It is up to the good care by the broker that the customer feels well insured.

The maintenance of a customer base is therefore in a permanent identification of needs and a friendly and informative approach to the customer. A Friend is through this round place at stress-free package and a good service.

But what is meant by customer service?
In a survey to be became clear that service means for customers of its “normal requirements” cleared out: Over the costs can be saved or new legal changes, a reminder of a possible policy change or an additional safeguard.

One way to provide good customer service is in the area of the Newsletter. Many brokers who have a great service connected, enjoy this service by the marketing department of the company.
Free agents are here to rely on themselves. An appealing design and are always more on new and specific topics in his hand. Regularity here is for customers of particular importance. If a weekly newsletter sent to the customer feels annoyed quickly. If you call only quarterly in memory, the issue remains far from insurance companies. The broker is forgotten. A good way is this a monthly newsletter, which always appears on a certain date. This allows the broker to cover a large part of the satisfaction criteria: It proves to be reliable, because the newsletter is published regularly. It provides information to the customers and thus proves his expertise and that it responds to the needs of its customers. The customers will then be open to receive insurance quotes, this is even done in South Africa. They Get free insurance quotes from the leading insurance companies in Africa. So that they can compare and save money.

Word style. offers brokers the opportunity to have a regular newsletter. This again tailored to the insurance broker – through design and personal touches such as Contact information and the logo of the broker. On the regular appearance can depend on both brokers and customers. Topics include this statutory modifications, alterations, season-specific consulting needs, and much more.

The five main benefits which emerge from a policy-Newsletter:
1st The newsletter is published regularly and reliably. The customer contact is made permanent – The broker will not be forgotten.
2nd The customer’s needs for a good coverage and information about the “normal requirements”, it will be perceived and met.
3rd The agent shows the client by his need for advice on the newsletter. The customer can can learn how by consulting the broker save money and assure optimal.
4th The commitment and expertise of the agent are highlighted.
5th Simple explanations and illustrations bring the customer closer to the subject of hedging and insurance.
6th Customers can forward the Insurance Newsletter – in this way creates additional recommendations.
7th Customer satisfaction is rising – as required of the broker may be noted in the newsletter “on the issue of further recommendations.

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