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Liability insurance is an insurance contract, which requires an insurer to compensate for disadvantages due to the property against the policyholder facing claims for damages. A claim for insurance benefits exists if the insured has violated a duty of care at fault (tort liability) and has acted enhancing danger (strict liability) and has inflicted damage by a third party. In addition, the insurance granted to illegitimate claims and legal liabilities so far completed the legal expenses. One should get clarification on this, while looking for the best liability insurance quotes as not all insurance policies cover everything.

Most liability insurance is voluntary. Compulsory third party liability only in the areas held by the legislature for particular risks. Because of the risks posed by a motor vehicle, for example, vehicle owners must attest to motor insurance. Because of the danger posed by the use of firearms, hunters need a hunting liability insurance. No obligation to take out liability insurance, for example, for pet owners.

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