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You’ve suffered a loss to your house: fire, wind damage, massive water damage, tree falling on your roof. You’re upset. What is your first move? Call your insurance company, right? Wrong!

The average homeowner is ill-prepared to deal with the insurance company. They think that they will be treated fairly and justly by the company. But, by whose definition of fair?” Getting Your House In Order teaches you what you need to know to get a proper, fair and equitable settlement for your loss so that you can restore your home to pre-loss condition. Written by an industry expert with years of experience helping homeowners and reviewed by professionals, Getting Your House In Order will help you turn a disaster into a more positive circumstance. Everyday, thousand of homes are ripped apart by sudden and accidental disasters. They are at a loss of what to do. They believe that they are in good hands with their insurance companies and believe they will be properly compensated for their loss. Their lack of knowledge causes them to fall prey to the more knowledgeable insurance company and can leave them thousands of dollars short in necessary funds. This book guides them step-by-step back to recovery so their house can be set in order. Without this vital information, a homeowner is defenseless. Doug Wead Author’s friendly conversational style puts you at ease so that you can deal confidently with the insurance company. Industry jargon is clarified so that you’re not mystified. Its reference style lets you refer to only the sections that pertain to your situation. And its information-packed pages position you on an even-footing with the insurance company’s adjuster.” Todd Reilly, Realtor

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